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Swimmer Evaluated:Test after Filter, Name

Evaluator: Test Tester

Level Tested:

  • Level 4
  • Skills Tested:

  • L4: 3 times, streamline with no kick, then do 1x (11, Eat, and 11), then 1x (BR kick in position 11).
  • L4: Back crawl 20 meters with body in soldier
  • L4: Front crawl 20 meters with bilateral breaths
  • L4: Streamline + 2 strokes Fly w/ breath on #2
  • L4: Swim 50 meters Front or Back Crawl

  • The swimmer has mastered the following Levels:


    Level 1

    The swimmer has mastered the following skills:

    G: Alligator Walk

    G: Be a part of a group activity like Bake a Cake

    G: Follow instructions and play a three step game like “Treasure Hunt.”

    G: Independent water exploration in chest deep water with supervision

    G: Lay flat on your back in zero-depth water with ears underwater.

    L1: Go underwater & recover to standing

    L1: Going Underwater Unassisted

    L1: Supported Back Glide

    L1: Supported Front Glide